Masterful Leadership & Motivation

Who should attend?

  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders
  • Project managers and project officers
  • Anyone who is responsible for leading and motivating a group of people



Course outline

“It’s easier if I do it myself!” How many times have we made this statement to ourselves in the workplace? The problem is, as a manager, supervisor, or team leader, we can’t do it all ourselves. We depend on others to do their fair share and to help the team achieve its goals and objectives.

An effective leader is able to create a vision for the work team and motivate everyone to work towards the same goals and objectives. An effective leader is able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team and help those individuals to leverage their strengths and develop their skills.

A leader must also have the skills to manage the team’s work in order to get things done on time and to specification. In this workshop, you will assess and develop both your leadership skills and management skills. You will learn and practice the skills of the world’s most successful managers and leaders. You will learn the tips and techniques of how to motivate your staff and create a high-performance work environment.

Our approach

  • We will give you practical, how-to skills that are immediately applicable to your job.
  • Your workshop will be fun and entertaining; plus, you will learn more than you ever thought was possible.
  • You can expect a relaxed and non-threatening learning environment.
  • We limit attendance to allow maximum participation and feedback.

Performance objectives

What You Will Learn:


  • Identify your personal goals, aspirations, and values.
  • Write a personal leadership mission statement.
  • Match your personal values and mission with the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Assess your skills as a leader.
  • Identify the different styles of leadership.
  • Select the right style of leadership for the right situation.
  • Create trust and openness with your staff.
  • Determine strategies for the ongoing development of your leadership skills


  • Select and hire the right person for the right job.
  • Identify standards of work performance.
  • Create goals, objectives, and action plans.
  • Monitor and measure the performance of your staff.
  • Provide supportive and constructive feedback.
  • Identify the training and development needs of your staff.
  • Delegate work to achieve results.
  • Identify what motivates each individual of your team.
  • Solve problems creatively and make decisions.
  • Develop consensus and manage competition in your team.
  • Deal with problem situations and people.
  • Coach staff to improve performance.
  • Create a motivational work environment.