Your 2013 Personal Development Plan

The beginning of the New Year is an opportunity for us to reflect on our past accomplishments and challenges, as well as our opportunities for 2013. You will soon be asked to either write or review your yearly performance appraisal. While the appraisal will include an evaluation of your previous year’s performance, it will also include your objectives and development plans for the upcoming year. Now is the time to set yourself up for success; don’t leave the development plan section of your performance review blank again this year! 

  • Consider all types of developmental activities: on-the-job training, special assignments, elearning, classroom instruction, coaching, and project work. 
  • Ensure that you plan for three types of development activities: training that focuses on improving your current job performance, training to prepare you for your next position, and development activities that will contribute to your long-term career goals. 
  • Research the development activities that your company offers its employees. Take advantage of every opportunity that fits into your plan. Do not use the excuse that you don’t have time to attend training. 
  • Research the development activities that exist in your community and professional associations. 
  • Go back to school! Start with an online or evening class. Look into whether your company offers an education reimbursement plan.

Focus on creating a development plan for yourself this week! 

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