Identifying Training Needs

Who should attend?

  • Training directors, training managers, and training coordinators
  • Instructional designers, trainers, instructors, and performance analysts
  • Anyone who wants training resources to be used effectively and efficiently



Course outline

“Just send them on a training course; that will fix the problem.” How many times have we heard this statement being made about training? Many people believe that training is the solution to most performance problems in the workplace. Training will be the right solution, when used in the right circumstances.

Training needs analysis is the first step to designing and delivering learning that will meet the performance needs of your target audience. Knowing what the audience needs will create an effective training intervention. This workshop will teach you techniques to gather the most accurate information about the needs of your audience and to accurately determine if training is the right solution.

In this workshop, you will learn how to conduct a training needs analysis on your target audience. You will learn when to conduct a TNA and what to do with the results. You will learn how to analyze training needs quickly and efficiently. You will be able to make the distinction between training needs and training wants. Most importantly, this workshop will teach you how to use the SCOPE™ method to analyze performance issues and determine when, and when not, to train.

Our approach

  • We will give you practical, how-to skills that are immediately applicable to your job.
  • Your workshop will be fun and entertaining; plus, you will learn more than you ever thought was possible.
  • You can expect a relaxed and non-threatening learning environment.
  • We limit attendance to allow maximum participation and feedback.

Performance objectives

What You Will Learn:

Plan the TNA

  • Identify the target audience for the analysis.
  • Determine the scope of the analysis.
  • Identify the stakeholders in the process.
  • Determine the symptoms of the situation.
  • Agree on the timelines of the analysis.

Collect Data

  • List the job tasks of the target audience.
  • Prioritize the job tasks.
  • Determine the information you need about the job tasks.
  • Design the data collection instruments.
  • Administer the data collection instruments.

Analyze Performance

  • Identify the problems in job performance.
  • Identify the potential causes of job performance issues.
  • Use the SCOPE™ method to determine the cause of the performance issue.
  • Determine if training is needed.

Calculate Return on Investment

  • Calculate the cost of the problem.
  • Calculate the cost of training.
  • Calculate the potential benefits of training.
  • Calculate the return on investment of the training solution.

Make Recommendations

  • Recommend pre-training guidelines to management.
  • Recommend post-training reinforcement activities.
  • Write a proposal based on your findings and recommendations.