Stop the Workplace Bully!

Schoolyard bullies move on to the workplace. Bullies criticize, insult and humiliate others. Bullies also take a more subtle approach; they withhold information, unreasonably change deadlines, and spread gossip. Bullies prey on employees that they see as someone who may threaten their position and power. Bullies tend to be insecure people with poor social skills. They often bully others so that they can control their environment. This is especially true of managers who bully others. In this case, their behavior cannot be excused as “tough management”. Bullying is a serious problem that can affect the physical and mental health of all employees, not just the person who is the focus of the attack. Follow these steps to stop anyone at work from bullying you:  

  • Refuse to be bullied and don’t retaliate. Ignore the person and refuse to play by his/her rules by walking away from the situation.
  • If the bullying continues, tell the person that his/her behavior in unacceptable and to stop. Inform the person of the consequences if the bullying continues.
  • Talk to you co-workers about what is happening and find out who else is being bullied.
  • Keep a detailed, written record of every incident and send it the abuser, the bully’s boss, your manager and the HR department.
  • If you have done everything in your power to stop the bullying and it does not cease, then leave the company. You don’t need to work for an organization that condones bullying!

Stop the workplace bullies this week!

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