Say, “Thank You!”

Employees are working harder and under more stressful conditions in today’s economic climate. As managers and individuals, we can do more to show our appreciation for the efforts of others. A simple, “Thank you” demonstrates that you have noticed someone’s efforts and that you are grateful for the contribution the person has made. Saying, “Thank you” creates a positive work environment, improves morale and builds stronger relationships. Implement the following tips to thank others for their efforts:  

  • Tell the person specifically what you appreciated and why it was important.
  • Be sincere and honest with your thanks. You must be genuinely thankful for the effort the person has made.
  • Send a hand-written note for a significant accomplishment and put a copy in the individual’s file.  
  • Create a habit of thanking at least one person every day.

Work on saying, “Thank you” this week!

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