Project Definition Checklist

The start of a new project is an exciting time for both the project manager and his/her team. Everyone has that that initial enthusiasm to make this the best project ever and to ensure that the end product is delivered on time and on budget. However, with that enthusiasm, project managers sometimes forget to ask all the questions necessary to define the scope of the project. When beginning a new project, ask the following ten questions: 

  1. Do I know why this project is being undertaken?        
  2. Am I clear on the desired outcome?        
  3. Have we agreed on the specifications of the deliverable?        
  4. Am I clear on the priority of this project?        
  5. Have we agreed what is included and not included in the project?        
  6. Have I identified the major milestones and deadlines?        
  7. Have we agreed on what the company will provide by way of information and resources?        
  8. Do I know who all the stakeholders are and their possible affect on the success of the project?        
  9. Have we agreed on how the deliverable for the project will be measured?        
  10. Am I clear on my authority?         

Focus on defining your new project this week! 

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