How to Stay C.A.L.M. at Work

Sometimes our emotions get the better of usWe are easily angered, get annoyed at the slightest provocation and take comments from others too personally. When we get overly emotional at work, both productivity and relationships suffer. We no longer focus on the work at hand and instead, we spend our time making assumptions and jumping to conclusions that are usually incorrect. The following tips will help you to focus your energy on staying calm in emotional work situations:

  • Clarify: Spend a few minutes determining exactly what is upsetting you and whether the issue is worth the time and effort of a negative reaction.
  • Apologize: Even if someone else provoked you, displays of negative emotions are unacceptable at work. Apologize to anyone who was on the receiving end of your emotions for the discomfort you may have caused. 
  • Logic: Use your skills to rationally examine the situation. Once you analyze the facts, there may be a sound reason for the other person’s actions. 
  • Manage: No matter how severe your reaction to the situation, you must still continue on. Try to put your emotions behind you and focus on the goals and objectives that you are responsible for delivering at work.

Focus on staying C.A.L.M. at work this week!

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