How to Resolve Performance Issues

“Why are my employees not doing what they are supposed to be doing?” When faced with performance issues, managers often want to discipline their employees. While discipline may be necessary at some point, the first step that a manager should take is to try to understand the cause of the issue. Ask yourself the following ten questions to uncover the true cause of employee performance issues: 

  1. Have you set an objective standard for the work?        
  2. Has the standard been communicated to the employee?        
  3. Have you measured the employee’s work against the standard?        
  4. Has the employee received feedback on whether he/she is meeting the standard?        
  5. Have you trained the employee to achieve the standard?        
  6. Have you provided the employee with the work conditions to achieve the standard?        
  7. Have you asked the employee why he/she is unable to achieve the standard?         
  8. Have you outlined the importance of the task and why it must be completed to standard?        
  9. Have you determined if there are non-work related reasons why the employee is not achieving the standard?        
  10. Have you determined if the employee has the qualifications for the job?        

Focus on resolving performance issues this week! 

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  1. Lawrence Aldridge

    I look forward to the Weekly Best Practice. Although this weeks blog is titled “How to Resolve Performance Issues,” if items 7 and 9 were removed, the title could be changed to “Supervisory 101.” Many organizations, managers and supervisors run by the seat of their pants or rely on an individuals experience or institutional knowledge to complete tasks. This is risky and inefficient and only gets diluted when new employees are introduced into the organization. This approach is also identified in the SLII exercise to determine if you are over or under supervising your staff or employees. If a manager or supervisor is truly interest in the well being of their people and the performance of their organization, steps 1-6, 8 and 10 should be defined, trained out and followed up on for every standard procedure.


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