How to Do More with Less

The most common refrain heard in business today is, “We need to do more with less!” In practice, this means that we need to work with smaller budgets, fewer staff and higher productivity expectations. While the goal of these measures is to manage the organization’s revenues, the results of this new reality are often employee stress and lower morale; we may find it difficult to remember why these constraints are necessary while we attend to our day-to-day tasks. What can managers do to both help their teams meet their goals and stay engaged?

  • Speak to your team honestly about the current economic conditions of the organization and explain why the cost reductions are happening, as well as the consequences of not working within the new reality.
  • Re-prioritize your work and your team’s work and evaluate where people are spending their time. Cut projects and activities that do not bring value to your customers.
  • Set new and challenging goals for your team that will focus their efforts on how they can help the organization meet its new objectives.
  • Challenge employees to think of new ways to streamline procedures. Ask, “How can we do this better and with fewer resources?”
  • Give more control to your employees. Give them decision-making responsibility over their work so that they can create efficiencies.

Focus on doing more with less this week!

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