Free Up Your Time

As a manager, your daily schedule is filled with meetings, decisions, and ‘fire fighting’. The focus tends to be on the short-term and immediate issues that are important to you and your stakeholders. Consequently, the longer-term investments in people, projects, and processes may be postponed, in some cases, indefinitely. You need to find a way to free up some of your time so that you can tackle those longer-term priorities. Delegation is the key, but where to start? Follow this process to start on the path of freeing up your time for more value-added leadership activities: 

  • Identify a task that only you know how to perform
  • The task should be one that you could teach one of your direct reports how to do; it may be a regularly occurring task or an administrative task
  • Select a task that, if it was delegated to a team member, would free up some of your time for more higher value-added work
  • Write the step-by-step instructions on how to perform that task
  • Teach the task to your direct report
  • Assign ongoing responsibility to the individual for that task 

Focus on freeing up your time for value-added leadership activities this week! 

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