Employee Engagement

Studies have proven that engaged employees are more committed and productive than disengaged employees, yet managers still struggle with how to cultivate employee engagement. Managers have the responsibility to provide employees with the work conditions, leadership, and information that they need to be engaged. This process begins with every employee knowing the following information: 

  • Policies and Procedures: Employees want to know the organization’s policies on personnel, holidays, dress code, conduct, and safety. 
  • Compensation and Benefits: Employees want to know how compensation and benefit decisions are made, and that those decisions are fair. 
  • Employee Rights: Employees want to know how to make suggestions and register complaints. 
  • Organization: Employees want to know the channels of communication, the names and positions of key people, and the lines of authority. 
  • Future Plans Employees want to know the organization’s mission, priorities, and goals for the future.

Engage employees by giving them the information that they need this week! 

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