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Special Announcement: Free “Ask the Coach” Service

Shaun Hopkins Seminars is pleased to remind you about its free “Ask the Coach” service. “Ask the Coach” is a free service that provides managers with immediate answers to their management questions and concerns. Simply click on the “Ask the Coach” link on our website,...

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Lead with Integrity

Even though integrity should be the basis of everything we say and do as leaders, we sometimes face dilemmas of integrity in making day-to-day decisions. Ask yourself the following five questions to help ensure that you make the best decision, in any situation....

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SWOT Your Problem

A SWOT analysis is used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a potential solution, project, or course of action. Begin the decision-making process by determining the gap between the current state and the desired state. Once the data has...

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Employee Engagement

Studies have proven that engaged employees are more committed and productive than disengaged employees, yet managers still struggle with how to cultivate employee engagement. Managers have the responsibility to provide employees with the work conditions, leadership,...

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Find Out What is Really Going On

Many managers have the mistaken belief that they must have all of the answers and that it is a sign of weakness to seek advice from their subordinates. This approach to management often results in poor decision-making. Your front-line employees are an excellent source...

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Manage the Real Cause of Stress

We all experience stress to some degree, both at work and in our personal lives. Stress can have a positive effect, by helping us to sharpen our focus and increase our productivity, or it can have a negative effect by manifesting itself into unhealthy symptoms. You...

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