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Ask the Right Questions

Coaching is the process of getting your employees to think for themselves. When your employees ask for your help to solve a problem or deal with a situation, help them to determine their own solution by asking the following seven questions:  What is the issue? What...

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Keep Track of Your Employees’ Work: Free Template

Your one-on-one meetings with your employees are designed to update you on their annual performance objectives. This is your opportunity to track progress, coach, and give feedback. Whether you schedule these meetings monthly or semi-monthly, you should ask your...

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Create Consistency

The most common reason why employees do not perform to the expectations of their managers is a lack of clearly defined and communicated standards. As a result, you may have a team of employees who are performing the same work tasks in wildly inconsistent ways. This...

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Resolve Workplace Conflict

Conflict at work can negatively affect not only the individuals involved, but also the atmosphere of the workplace for the rest of the team. Instead of leaving a conflict between you and another individual unresolved, use the following five-step process to find a...

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Stand Up for Yourself!

Assertiveness is standing up for yourself by having the confidence to ask for what you want, express your feelings, and state your point of view. Assertiveness allows you to speak your mind while showing respect for others. Aggression, on the other hand, is reacting...

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Recognize Your Employees!

Everyone wants to be recognized for his/her efforts and successes. Recognition means honoring, encouraging, and supporting individuals and teams who contribute to the success of the organization. As a manager, part of your job is to openly praise your employees, grant...

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